Kicking off the Kitten Season, Duo teams up to rescue thirteen stray kittens in Haverstraw area

Michael Sanducci and Alice CzubakowskiAs they said it proudly themselves, Four Legs Good NY NJ (FLGNN) is kicking off Kitten Season 2022 with a bang. Rockland County resident, Michael Sanducci, and Alice Czubakowski Becnel, both teamed up by rescuing and trapping feral cats in the Haverstraw area yesterday. 

The duo ended up trapping thirteen cats. Ten cats were rescued at the time of the photo being taken, shortly before Sanducci caught three more. All cats that were rescued will be spayed, vaccinated, and returned to their colonies. FLGNN were very appreciative to see all the support they were receiving. To support Four Legs Good NY NJ more, you can visit:

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