Will Smith may Move to Bell Air after “one little fight” at Oscars

By Bill Loney

Superstar Will Smith has been making headlines all week after storming the stage of the 94th Academy Awards and striking Chris Rock, when the comedian made some of color remarks about Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

Rock’s comment “Jada, I love you. ‘G.I. Jane II,’ can’t wait to see it,”, drew outrage from from Mr. Smith, as the reference to a 1997 film in which the protagonist shaves her head, served as the crux of a joke about Mrs. Smith’s struggle with alopecia. Mr. Smith did not appreciate the remark and made his displeasure apparent by slapping Rock across the face during a live broadcast viewed by several hundred of people.

Though Will Smith has issued an apology for his actions and Chris Rock has declined to press charges, the fallout from the incident has been immense. Media commentators, fellow celebrities, and average twitter users with nothing else going on in there lives, have all decried Smith’s actions as irresponsible and unprofessional and called for the actor to be banned from next year’s awards, assuming the Academy is still active at that time.

Perhaps the biggest critic of Sunday’s fight was none other than Smith’s mother Carolyn Smith. The senior Mrs Smith was “scared” by the outburst according to comment’s she has shared with the BBC and has apparently begged her 53 year old son and his family to relocate from their mansion in Calabasas, California to the affluent Bel Air neighborhood, also located in California, where Smith can stay with extended relatives including his “auntie and uncle.”

Carolyn Smith reportedly told her son that she was worried by his outburst and latent anger issues and equally concerned about the negative media buzz surrounding the star. She suggested that an extended stay with family could improve his temperament, keep him out of the spotlight, and offer a “fresh” chance at redeeming his image.

Smith, who admitted that his life “has been flip turned upside down” following the controversy, has not stated if he will follow his mothers advice.

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