Gong cha is a go to for quality tea

Roughly translated as “tribute tea for the emperor” Gong cha, located on the second floor of the Palisades mall, is the latest branch of a massive global franchise that exploded in popularity in 2006 after opening in Tai wan. Offering a unique menu of refreshing, sweet, and savory beverages, this latest teahouse gives mall shoppers a chance to enjoy bubble teas, foamy tea lattes and delicious slushies. Brewed daily from internationally sourced ingredients, Gong cha’s wide variety of refreshments are
the perfect pick me up for shoppers wandering through the mall.

Their expansive menu all but guarantees that visitors are going to find something that they’ll like. Their most popular items include Pearl Milk tea, a wonderfully sweet but not overpowering drink with a fascinating texture created by the infusion of pearls (small bubbles brewed in house), the mango milk slushy, which
adds an invigorating tropical flare to the menu, and their milk foam black coffee which enables non tea drinkers a chance to enjoy the shop’s signature Milk Foam a
creamy, and sweet concoction added to many of their drinks. A combination of quality ingredients, friendly staff and convenient location make Gong cha an easy
choice for any shopper looking for a new favorite drink

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