All in with JJ: Kyrie’s Gone. Good Riddance

Over the past four years, it’s been tough to find a more nauseating storyline to follow than the Kyrie Irving soap opera in Brooklyn. It’s quite astonishing that one of the most talented basketball players in the world could bring nothing but aggravation and bad vibes to an organization.

Last week, his latest stunt of a trade demand left the Nets with no choice. It was finally time to say goodbye.
Mind you, this is the same Nets organization that tried every possible and imaginable way to make it work with a player who brought all of this self imposed baggage. In a little under four years. Think about what the Nets have had to deal with regarding their troubled superstar.

First, Irving managed to go AWOL for two weeks and at first gave zero notice to the coaching staff, players and organization.
How about last season’s nightmarish storyline surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine which sabotaged the entire 2021-22 season? And of course, the icing on the cake. The highly insensitive and inappropriate endorsement of anti semitic comments that led to a suspension.

This is the same player who decided in the middle of the season that he has the right to demand a trade? The Nets sold their souls to the Durant/Irving partnership and who could blame them? Two of the most dynamic players in the NBA, joining forces in Brooklyn.

No brainer right?

Well one superstar held up his end of the bargain, the other was nothing but trouble. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Kyrie…

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