RCT Supports Joseph Gravagna for Suffern Central School Board

Parent. Business Owner. Coach. There are many words to describe Suffern Central School Board candidate Joseph Gravagna but for him the term “parent” takes priority. In his years spent supporting the academic and extra curricular activities of both his son and daughter, each a proud Suffern student, Gravagna has gained an in depth
understanding of the district’s needs and the challenges it faces.
In short, a change is necessary based on Gravagna’s observations and it begins with ensuring that the needs of the children in the district are being met.
“Kids should come first and not the other way around,” Gravagna says.
Budget cuts in the department have left issues such as staffing shortages and field trip cancellations which have hindered both the student’s ability to bond with their teachers and coaches and limited their opportunities to learn and grow outside their classrooms. Gravagna also highlighted the necessity of additional resources for students with special needs; the candidate has called for further funding in order to gain the necessary support for children like his son.

One of the puzzling aspects for residents has been exactly where the taxpayer money is being distributed, seeing as the rate has increased significantly over the years. For Gravagna, some sense of transparency between the district and local residents appears to be what is needed along with the proper allocation of school funding. “I see what goes on,” Gravagna says. “I see through a lot of perspectives. They are not transparent.”

Additionally, he hopes to stand up for residents in their effort to reduce tax increases and help provide financial stability. As a long standing member of the community and an active voice for the people, Gravagna proves to be a viable candidate for the upcoming school board election next Tuesday. We at the Rockland Times endorse Joe Gravagna for Suffern’s school board.

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