Rand Commercial works for Rockland

Rand Commercial is invested in Rockland County. In the literal sense, Rand’s realtors have an unrivaled knowledge of their local real estate market; after 30 years in business they’ve become a Rockland institution that understands the unique character and appeal of each of the county’s five towns.

In the abstract, Rand Commercial is composed of people who live and work right here in the Hudson Valley. The full service brokerage company employs 54 agents trained in every area of real estate and possessing a vested interest in helping the county grow while maintaining its character. 

“Our tagline is building better communities with Rand,” said company CSO Paul Adler when speaking with the RCT, “we are not in this for one deal, we are into this to help the fabric of the community grow stronger.”

Adler and his team take that motto to heart and through their work advocate for the county. “Commercial interests always follow residential interests,” explained Adler, who maintains that the path to a booming local economy is a high quality of living and engaged citizens . “Commercial interests always follow residential interests, if you have a strong residential community with an educated workforce and good amenities , people will want to live and do business there.” 

That ethos is what allows the company to provide valuable guidance to their clients. “Understanding the zoning and planning of the county, what is likely to be approved and what is not likely to be approved” is a skill that enables Rand realtors to work with their clients to positively impact Rockland and avoid wasting the time and resources of anyone looking to buy or sell property in the county. 

“While some can circumvent those restrictions, it never works out in the long run,” stated Adler who prioritizes the stability and growth of his home over making a quick buck.

Rand Commercial has helped bring new business ventures into Rockland and helped existing brands expand into new properties. As the local experts, Rand Commercial has been the go to for industries looking to enter the Hudson Valley, and has offered their online services to foreign companies looking to set up shop in Rockland. Those looking to enter the Rockland market trust Rand to work with them to find the right fit for their offices and the agency has a record of attracting new business interests to the county. 

“(Rand Commercial) sells information first, people second, and real estate third” according to Adler . The CFO’s shared encyclopedic knowledge of local zoning codes, utility needs, and the pros and cons of each piece of the Rockland real estate market, make he and his team an asset to those looking to set up shop in the area. In a county as geographically diverse as Rockland, no blanket statement can describe the exact needs or status of the property market, making the hyper local focus of Rand agents invaluable in planing and growing the local economy.

 “In each place the real estate market is unique,” stated Adler, “ you can’t say “how is the county market” you need to ask, how is the Clarkstown market? How are things in West Haverstraw?”

After 30 years of operation Rand Commercial has become one of the most successful and knowledgeable firms in the Hudson Valley, an easy choice for anyone looking to bring their business to the area.

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