Clarkstown South Student Andrew Alcruz Awarded Merit-Based Scholarship to UWC Mostar

Andrew Alcruz, a student from Bardonia, has been chosen as one of the distinguished recipients of the renowned Davis Scholarship to pursue his high school education at UWC Mostar, an international UWC campus located in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Andrew’s exceptional accomplishments and dedication have earned him this prestigious merit-based scholarship. He is the
child of Gina Alcruz and Andrei Alcruz. UWC is a global network of 18 international high schools that brings together students aged 16 to 19 from diverse backgrounds and cultures, with the mission of fostering unity and creating a peaceful and
sustainable world. UWC Mostar provides a unique educational experience and offers the International Baccalaureate program, widely recognized as the foremost secondary school diploma worldwide.

Andrew was drawn to UWC because of the opportunity to enhance his educational journey beyond what his current school could offer. Intrigued by the International Baccalaureate program and an international study opportunity, Andrew explored UWC as a gateway to expand his horizons. Committed to the UWC mission of promoting peace and sustainability, Andrew has actively contributed to his school community by further developing the gardening program, expanding the variety of flowers and edible plants available to students in his class and the cooking class. By nurturing sustainable practices within his school environment, Andrew is working towards creating awareness and changing mindsets regarding issues such as littering.

Andrew has been actively involved in community service activities over the past few years, including participating in clean-up initiatives, volunteering at a local farm, and contributing to various Eagle projects. Through these experiences, Andrew has recognized the potential for greater sustainability within the community and the importance of raising awareness and altering mindsets.

Academically, Andrew has thrived in his language and sciences departments, gaining valuable experiences and excelling in challenging courses. His achievements have been acknowledged through nominations to the world language and math honor societies. Notably, Andrew’s passion for learning was evident during a particularly demanding chemistry course, where he showcased his determination and perseverance.

Through extracurricular activities, such as his involvement in Japanese Drumming, Andrew has learned
that music, particularly percussion, transcends language and cultural barriers. He discovered the universal nature of music, bringing people together, irrespective of their identities, to create an enjoyable and inclusive experience. Andrew draws inspiration from his chemistry teacher, who has served as a mentor and role model. With
a positive and upbeat demeanor, the teacher’s genuine care for students, along with his ability to
connect with everyone, has inspired Andrew. He aspires to emulate his teacher’s problem-solving skills
and build strong relationships within the UWC community.

Looking towards the future, Andrew envisions establishing a UWC in the Philippines and creating a food forest accessible to students, regardless of whether it is within a UWC or another educational institution. His aspirations reflect a deep commitment to fostering educational opportunities and promoting sustainability in his home country.

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