UCRRA Hires Former Director of Rockland County Solid Waste Management Authority

The Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency has appointed Anna Roppolo as interim executive director to help lead the search for a permanent executive director and guide the agency’s business, external collaborations, and decisions while the search is conducted. Roppolo, the former Executive Director of the Rockland County Solid Waste Management Authority, will lend her expertise and experience to UCRRA staff and board as the agency navigates an array of complex concerns that will steer the future direction of the county’s approach to materials management.
“We are fortunate to be able to bring in an expert in local solid waste management and a leader whose record in Rockland County shows both vision and managerial savvy,” said Andrew Ghiorse, Chairman of the UCRRA’s five-member volunteer board of directors.

“Anna’s knowledge will steer us in the right direction in meeting current and future challenges and help ensure we find visionary and effective long-term leadership.” Roppolo served as executive director and finance director of the Rockland SWMA from August 2005 until June of 2020.

The Authority had an annual budget of roughly $53 million during her tenure. For comparison, UCRRA’s budget is roughly $20 million annually. While implementing the policy initiatives of a 17-member board, Roppolo also was responsible for coordinating the operations of three transfer stations, a yard waste facility, three leaf composting facilities, concrete crushing facility, recycling facility, bio-solids composting facility, and a household hazardous waste facility. She also prepared the annual budget and submitted several successful grants that financed innovative programs. Among her other responsibilities was serving as the chief agency liaison to Rockland government and elected officials. Roppolo’s service has no defined end date. Rather, she and the board of directors will consider
the situation on a quarterly basis, and proceed as events dictate.

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