District 5 Candidate: Lon M. Hofstein, Republican

The District 5 Legislator Lon M. Hofstein is running for re-election this year. Born and raised in the Bronx, Hofstein was accepted early admission to the Bernard M. Baruch College, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting. Approximately twenty-three years ago, Lon left a Mid-Town Manhattan C.P.A. firm to begin his own practice. In 1986, Lon and his wife Rosemarie moved to Rockland County and raised their two children.

Hofstein was elected to serve as the New York State Master Counselor for the International Order of DeMolay at the age of 20. He joined the Board of Directors of New City Little League in the year 2000 and served as its president from October 2003 to October 2015.

In November 2011, Hofstein was appointed to serve on the Clarkstown Parks & Recreation Commission, where he remained active until 2015. He also serves as a member of the Rockland County Solid Waste Authority’s Board of Directors.

During his time as Legislator, Hofstein sponsored the bill for the Pharmacy Take-Back Act and also changed Rockland’s procurement policy regarding vendors needing to sign statements they would not be part of the BDS (Boycott, Divest, Suspend) anti-Israel movement. He also sponsored a bill to delay and amend the bail reform law.

 If he is re-elected, Hofstein aims to get the Sain Building sold, as well as work with the administration to get a Triple A bond rating. He would like to see the county continue to run in a financially sound manner without raising taxes, with potentially a 2% reduction.

 “I can’t impress upon the people how important it is to come out and vote, especially in the local elections,” Hofstein said. “It directly affects each and every one of them…We all have a right to vote, and whether the person you voted for wins or not at least you have the opportunity to express yourself.”

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