District 15 Candidate: Elye Kramer, Republican/Infrastructure

A candidate for Rockland County Legislator for District 15 on the Republican and Infrastructure, Elye Kramer has been living in Rockland County for 18 years—the past 10 of which have been in Chestnut Ridge, New York. He is a husband and father of five who works in the private sector, selling commercial building supply.

For the last 13 years, Kramer states he has “worked hard to protect and fight for the taxpayers by creating budgets with tax rate decreases in the Monsey Fire District.” He has also “focused on improving Infrastructure and safety by purchasing three parcels to build two new firehouses for the MFD and buying two new fire trucks during (his) tenure as Fire Commissioner without taxes.”

Kramer’s main goals as a County Legislator include “protecting the taxpayers in every way possible” and “improv(ing) infrastructure and pedestrian/traffic safety.” He also aims to “protect the environment”, “advance economic development” and “collaborate and work jointly with the Towns and Villages to provide…environmentally friendly, affordable housing.”

“I am not running to rob the taxpayers and take a paycheck,” Kramer stated. “I am not going to play this game of annual tax increase and annual politician pay raises….If elected, I pledge to return to the Taxpayers a minimum of 50% of the salary, in the form of: Local charities contributions, finance campaigns against tax increases, exposing and holding accountable corrupt politicians and more.”

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