District 15 Candidate: Joel Friedman, Democratic/Conservative

The current Democratic and Conservative legislator for District 15 of Rockland County, Joel Friedman is running for re-election this term. Friedman was born in Brooklyn, New York, where he grew up with his four siblings and received an education at Yeshiva. His marriage in 2002 marked the beginning of his own family’s story in Brooklyn, but by 2015 thy sought “greener pastures” and found their home in Chestnut Ridge, New York.

Friedman ventured into the business domain for his professional career and formerly ran a warehouse and third-party logistics company. He now oversees the operation of a local business called Babka Bakery, employing a large, dedicated staff across two locations, one in Airmont and one in Brooklyn.

Friedman’s accomplishments during his term as County Legislator have included championing strict fiscal behavior, supporting a 2% county property tax reduction for all homeowners across the county for the 2024 budget and eliminating the county motor vehicle tax and residential energy tax. He has also voted on a resolution asking NYS to reject Veolia’s request for a water rate hike after the state granted their request in 2020, along with voting on a resolution asking the governor to sign into law bill A7208/S6893 opposing the discharge of radiological agents into the Hudson River by Holtec.

As he looks to be re-elected to his seat as Democratic and Conservative legislator for District 15, Friedman aims to protect the tranquility of places like Chestnut Ridge and Airmont, preserving and protecting the charm that makes the district unique. Friedman has stated his support for public safety measures, such as maintaining the integrity of county roads and supporting law enforcement. He is also committed to working with Transport of Rockland to refine the TOR buses with better scheduling and improved routes throughout Chestnut Ridge and Airmont. With these changes, he is seeking to “represent (the county’s) shared values and vision for a brighter, better, District 15.”

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