District 17 Candidate: James J. Foley, Republican/Conservative

The current Republican and Conservative legislator for District 15 of Rockland County, James J. Foley is a lifelong Rockland County resident. He has lived in Valley Cottage and Nyack, now residing in Grand View on Hudson with his wife and daughter. Foley works as a LCSW psychotherapist at a private practice and is licensed in seven states. For 23 years, he was employed by the County of Rockland Mental Health Department, resigning from that full-time civil service job to take on the role of County Legislator. His family has lived in Orangetown, New York since the 1800’s.

While in office, Foley has focused on maintaining the quality of the Rockland County public school system and managing the financial forces that business and employers in the private sector must manage, as well as appealing to bipartisan efforts against corruption. If elected for another term, Foley aims to maintain Ed Day’s veto power and keep taxes as low as possible so people in the county are not forced to move out of their homes.

“I want to keep this place beautiful and I want to keep everyone in this beautiful place,” Foley added.

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