Flawless by Nikki Helps People Feel Their Best

Since high school, Flawless Beauty By Nikki owner Nikki Sullivan knew that she didn’t want to go
to college. Traditional school had never been her thing; instead, she preferred hands-on, artistic
activities, like doing her friends’ hair and makeup. After graduation, Sullivan decided she would
use this passion for beauty to make her mark on the world. While she didn’t yet know what
area of the industry she wanted to pursue, she let her strong desire to help people guide the

“I got into this just because I enjoy making people feel good,” Sullivan said. “And honestly, I
really like talking to people. I was not somebody who could sit behind a desk and do a nine to
five job. I like to interact.”

The first step in Sullivan achieving her goal to become a beauty professional was to attend
Parisian Beauty Academy, a Paul Mitchell partner cosmetology school in Hackensack, New
Jersey. While Sullivan was most excited to learn about skincare, the program turned out to be
more focused on the technical skills involved in dying and styling hair. She gave this a chance
and ended up working in a hair salon for almost three years, but eventually decided to get
certified as an esthetician—a beauty service professional who specializes in skin treatments,
makeup application, and hair removal—at New York School of Esthetics in White Plains, New
York in 2018.

The opportunity to begin her own esthetics studio arose in 2019 after she told her father she
was considering moving back home near Pearl River, New York, where her family owns Vision
Sports Club.

“I was talking to my dad about it, telling him how I wanted to be closer to home and how I
always really wanted to have my own business,” Sullivan explained. “He was like, ‘Well, why
don’t you try and open something in the gym and see how it goes?’ It was hard in the beginning
because I had to build up my clientele, so I would post on social media and make little flyers.
Being in the gym helped me out a lot. I got a lot of clients from being here.”

Four years later, Sullivan has achieved her goal of making a mark on the beauty industry, now
running a thriving esthetics business that survived through COVID-19. With fifteen to twenty
clients a day, the majority of her clients come in to get their brows done. For this, she provides
tinting, tweezing, threading, and waxing based on personal preference. Sullivan also tints lashes
and waxes other areas of the face. In 2021 she added 45 and 90 minute facials to her service
menu, tailoring each to her clients’ specific skincare needs.

Sullivan’s favorite part of running Flawless By Nikki continues to be helping people feel their

“Once, I had this thirteen-year-old girl who was really insecure about her eyebrows. She really
wanted to feel pretty, so she asked her mom to bring her in. I didn’t make them drastically
different, but I fixed a certain part of her brows that she didn’t like. She was beaming by the
end of it. So that made me feel good. That’s really cool.”

Full services for Flawless by Nikki can be found here . Information on Vision Sports Club can be found here.  The address of Vision Sports Club (which hosts Flawless by Nikki) is 37 Jefferson Ave, Pearl River, NY 10965.






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