Deirdra O’Connor runs write in campaign against Stony Point Supervisor Jim Monaghan

In an open letter posted to her social media, Stony Point resident Deirdra O’Connor has announced her intent to enter the race for Stony Point Supervisor as a write in candidate. O’Connor is challenging current Supervisor Jim Monaghan, who has held the offie since 2016.  O’Connor has seemingly centered her campaign on Eagle Bay, a controversial waterfront devlopment slated to be built in the town that was first approved in September 2020; the new candidate has voiced her concerns that the project was rushed to approval and stated her intent to closely monitor it’s construction if elected.

“I have focused more on the seriousness of the issues we are facing but also how to address it skillfully, effectively and systematically to ensure sustainable development and growth for our communities and region,” wrote O’Connor.”We currently have a major development underway at Eagle Bay that is going to have a significant impact on all aspects of our sustainability and systems that needs to be included in our strategic thinking and planning. This should have been discussed and clearly defined way earlier in the process; along with the positive, negative and neutral outcomes on our: schools, police, firefighters, and with environmental/ health protection agencies etc to even truly understand if this large scale development will benefit or potentially do more harm to our present and future communities, and our sustainability as a whole.”

O’Connor has also expressed intrest in establishing a program to support residents seeking to create their own gardens, suggesting an iniative  that enables homeowners to work with local farmers to grow food in their backyard.

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