Letter to the Editor: Thank you Mike Lawler

I am thankful my representative, Congressman Mike Lawler, has not only pledged to refrain from trading stocks while in office but has stood out from the pack by endorsing several proposals to ban congressional stock trading.

When we elect a representative to Congress, we trust they will prioritize their constituents’ interests above their own personal gain. Unfortunately, it appears that many Members of Congress are taking our trust for granted, trading stocks in select companies that overlap with their congressional work, with some even netting millions in profits from stock trading while in office. While insider trading is illegal in the United States, it is exceedingly difficult to prove that members of Congress are trading stocks based on nonpublic information.

Rep. Lawler understands that even the appearance that his colleagues trade stocks based on nonpublic information or vote on legislation with their stock holdings in mind is harmful to our country. I urge Rep. Lawler to continue his leadership in this matter and work across the aisle to pass a bill and help Congress get the public’s trust back.

Teresa Kenny

Supervisor, Town of Orangetown


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