Democrats win legislature super majority, Hoehmann get’s fifth term, in 2023 election

The results are in. After an election season that left many key positions in county government vulnerable, but few of them contested, election night 2023 ended with major wins for county Democrats, a new mayor for Nyack, and a third term for Clarkstown Supervisor George Hoehman, the only Town Supervisor to face a serious challenge in this year’s election. Here are the key takeaways.

Democrats win big in County Legislature:

For the first time in Rockland history, the county’s Democrat party has won a super majority in the legislature, allowing Democrats to bypass any veto issued by County Executive Ed Day. Dana Stilley (District 17) narrowly beat out Republican incumbent James Foley, winning 53.8% of the vote while Jesse Malowitz (District 12) pulled ahead of incumbent Charles J. Falciglia and Republican and Conservative candidate Ariel Dahan. Stilley is the first Black woman ever elected to the Rockland County Legislature. Democratic Incumbents Philip Soskin (District 7) and Joel Friedman (District 15) retained their seats by a hefty majority, each winning more than 80% of their vote, while fellow Democrat, newcomer Beth Davidson, won a much closer race for District 10. Incumbent Democrats Paul Cleary (District 2) Jay Hood Jr. (District 3), Itmar Yeger (District 4), Alden H Wolfe (District 6), Tony L. Earl (District 8) Aaron Wieder (District 13) and Aney Paul (District 14) all held their
seats after running unopposed.

Republicans Douglas Jobson (District 1) Raymond W. Sheridan III (District 9) also enjoyed a clear path to reelection, running uncontested in their districts. Republican Lon M. Hofstein held onto his seat, winning 59.6% of the vote while newcomers Will Kennelly (District 11) and Thomas F. Diviny (District 16) clenched two seats for the Republican minority.

Town Supervisors hold their seats:

Howard T. Phillips Jr, Town Supervisor of Haverstraw, Jim Monaghan, Town Supervisor for Stony Point, Michael B. Specht, Town Supervisor of Ramapo, and Teresa M. Kenny, Supervisor for Oran-
getown, all ran unopposed and will each serve another term. Incumbent George Hohemann narrowly won against Democratic and Conservative Candidate Justin L. Sweet for Supervisor of Clarkstown,
netting 53.4% of votes. Soon to begin his fifth term in office, Hoehman had to sue the village of Clarkstown to void a term limit law in order to become eligible for the 2023 election.

District Attorney Thomas E Walsh II also retained his seat, despite a write in campaign to oust the veteran prosecutor. Walsh has faced criticism from the County’s emergency responders for his decision to offer a plea deal , which included no jail time, to Rabbis Aaron and Nathaniel Sommer, the men whose negligence caused the Evergreen fire, which destroyed the Spring Valley nursing home and resulted in the death of Firefighter
Jared Lloyd and one resident of the home. Sheriff Louis Falco III has also reattained his seat, running unopposed this year.

New Mayor in Town:

Democrat Joseph Rand, who ran unopposed, was elected Mayor of Nyack. Rand’s is the only mayoral race won by a new candidate this year, as Piermont Mayor Bruce Tucker, Suffern Mayor Micheal F Curly, and Suffern Mayor Robert D’Amelio all retained their office.

A full list of this year’s election results can be found on the county’s website at: https://

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