SJR coverage counselors celebrate grand opening in Spring Valley

Last Friday, the Louis Kurtz Civic Center in Spring Valley, NY held the ribbon-cutting ceremony for SJR Coverage Counselors. SJR, which uses the initials of the three cofounders, Sann Yam, Jean Mirville, and Rosario Niebles, is a diverse team dedicated to helping Rockland County residents find the right health insurance.

After working together in the insurance field, Yam, Mirville, and Niebles decided to team up and start SJR.

“We have shared many similar passions,” said Yam when addressing the crowd that had gathered to celebrate the opening of the new facility.

“Because of our shared desire to give back to the community, SJR was formed.

“I’ve been in and out of Rockland County since 2012 when I was working for my previous employer. I’ve always seen the need to help the community with social services, such as food stamps, etc. As a cofounder, I wanted to give back to Rockland County.

“I love the community and we have a big heart,” he further explained. “Our realistic mission is to help as much as we can and alleviate [stress] for members of the community.”

While Mirville found himself in Rockland County just 14 years ago, he’s known for a long time that he holds a passion for helping others. Inspired by family members, such as his aunt, who opened up a school in Haiti, the country where Mirville originates from.

“This is my upbringing,” Mirville said. “I came from a family of individuals that have always given back to the community.”

“It’s not about what’s in it for me,” he added. “It’s about how much of a difference I can make.”

Mirville explained that the cofounders of SJR started off as insurance counselors for those in their retirement years. However, SJR will be serving people of all ages and back- grounds.

“We want to have a big impact,” Mirville said. “That’s our main goal, to help one person at a time. We don’t care about their background, we just want to help.”

One of the recruitment specialists, Alexandra Joachim from Marquis Home Care, shared her enthusiasm for the grand opening ceremony.

“It’s a great event,” she shared. “It makes people realize what we have in the area and what we have to offer.”

Mirville explained that SJR Coverage Counselors is committed to working with Rockland County residents, stating, “Everything at SJR is to help the community. The people working here, who have these skills, are local, familiar faces, and we want to keep it that way.”

Mirville went on to share that he hopes to one day spread SJR across Rockland County. He hopes that SJR will one day be one of many companies to help residents of Rockland County find the right paths for themselves. Mirville, Yam, and Niebles look forward to working together to foster a sense of community.

“Although (our logo) is two hands, it really represents three hands,” Mirville said. “We’re a trinity… It takes a village to help a community.”

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