Chapter 215 hearing continues for Stony Point

On Tuesday, February 27 a Town Board meeting was held for Stony Point, during which a hearing was continued from Tuesday, February 13 concerning the proposed amendments to Chapter 215 of the town code. The newly
amended chapter, which regards regulations in the Business (BU) Zoning District, would include clarifications for mixed uses in the district in regards to adding apartments to the upper stories of Stony Point buildings.

Stony Point resident Pete Reilly got up to speak during the hearing, where he first commended the Town Board for updating the code. He then raised a question on the topic of waivers with rooftops and balconies, asking what it meant when the code stated the building must have been in existence prior to 2013. Supervisor Monaghan explained that 2013 was the year the board adapted the original zoning law for that year’s Master Plan.

Reilly also raised concerns over a waiver that he felt implied that a proposed project may infringe on wetlands, designated open space and residential areas. Monaghan clarified that no one has a right to do this according to the code, explaining that a person wishing to set up a recreational area would have to clear it with the Town Board.

The hearing is scheduled to continue on Wednesday, March 13 at 7 p.m. at the Patriot Hills Senior and Community Center.

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