Straightforward Reforms to Fix American Commerce

BY YURI VANETIK The unemployment rate remains stuck at over 8 percent. The number of Americans not in the labor force is at an all-time-high. The Dow Jones Industrial Average continues to struggle. Clearly, the economy is still fragile. To be fair, some of the reasons are outside the control of American policymakers — chiefly, […]

Join the Mexican Coke Revolution

Join the Mexican Coke Revolution

  New trend sees Mexican Coca-Cola as the only REAL Coca-Cola BY DYLAN SKRILOFF It’s spreading all over Rockland County, and all over America, more and more every year. It’s the Mexican Coke revolution. That’s right, the real flavor of Coca-Cola that you always knew was missing, can now be found in a glass bottle […]

Italian American Scholarship Fund Supports Local Students

BY MAUREEN MOLLAHAN On Tuesday, May 29, The Italian American Scholarship Association celebrated their 34th Anniversary by awarding nine local high school students scholarships. This year, Committee Chairman John V. Parrella and Co-Chair John R. Lagana announced that the Association will also contribute $1,000 to the Children of Fallen Patriots, which will finance two students […]

Armand Miele Named Italian-American of the Year!

The Rockland County Columbus Association, which conducts the annual Columbus Day parade in Rockland County, has named Rockland County Times publisher emeritus Armand Miele “Italian-American of the Year” and has named New York State Senator David Carlucci “Grand Marshall” of this year’s Columbus Day parade. The parade which had been in North Rockland for the […]