Councilman Daniel Friedman Announces “Village Hall Tour”

Ramapo Councilman Daniel Friedman has announced that he will attend a meeting of each of the 12 village boards in the Town of Ramapo between November 26 and December 26. “I want to foster a dialogue between my office and residents from across Ramapo,” Friedman said. “We agree on a lot and sometimes we disagree […]

Friedman Drops Out, Endorses Demeza Delhomme

Friedman Drops Out, Endorses Demeza Delhomme

Politics takes strange twists and turns. Bitter rivals just a month ago, Spring Valley mayoral candidates Demeza Delhomme and Daniel Friedman are now pals. Friedman, whose name will appear on the Independence and Conservative Party lines in the November election, announced he has ceased his campaign and endorsed Trustee Demeza Delhomme. The Haitian lawmaker had […]


Ramapo Councilman Daniel Friedman, a candidate for Spring Valley Mayor, has released the following statement on Mayor Noramie Jasmin’s proposed 2013-14 budget for Spring Valley:  The proposed village budget for 2013-14 has been presented by Mayor Jasmin as a win for taxpayers; however it presents grave problems for the near- and long-term future of Spring […]

NYSERDA Awards Grant for Ramapo’s “GREEN” Initiative

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) announced that it has awarded a grant to the Town of Ramapo to begin its “GREEN” initiative. The Get Ramapo Energy Efficient Now (GREEN) initiative is a multi-million dollar project that will coordinate energy upgrades on Ramapo’s municipal facilities, and ultimately, invest in solar technology […]