Wake for New City War Hero

A wake for Major Thomas Kennedy will be held today from 5-8 p.m. at William F. Hogan Funeral Home in Highlands Falls. Kennedy was a New City resident killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan on Wednesday, August 8. The decorated officer was born in Suffern and attended Clarkstown schools. He graduated from West Point […]

Timelines: July 26, 2012

  Fines Raised for False Fire Alarms in Nyack A resolution was passed in Nyack on Thursday, July 19 increasing the fines for false alarms to the local fire department.¬†Anyone who places a false call to the Nyack fire department more than twice a year will be penalized with a $300 fine. And the fines […]

Rest In Peace Larry Clay Dillard

Rest In Peace Larry Clay Dillard

BY DYLAN SKRILOFF The Rockland County Times received word on Tuesday that Larry Clay Dillard, a fixture in the Haverstraw and greater Rockland community, had died earlier that morning. Larry was a lawyer known among other things for his willingness to represent deserving folks who could not otherwise afford decent representation and was also a […]