Putnam Rejects Journal News FOIL Request

Putnam County will not be releasing records of pistol permit holders to Gannett’s The Journal News the Rockland County Times has learned. A press conference will take place on Thursday in Putnam making the announcement official.  NYS Senator Greg Ball (Patterson – R, C, I), Putnam County Clerk Dennis Sant and other officials will gather […]

A Crime and Justice Wish List for 2013

BY DIANE DIMOND Where do I even begin with my annual Wish List for the New Year? Because the fog of despair still hangs over us from the elementary school shooting in Connecticut — and because the list of individually meaningless gun-control ideas continues to grow — I’m compelled to start there. I fervently hope […]

What You Don’t Know About the Agenda-Driven Journalists in Your Neighborhood

What You Don’t Know About the Agenda-Driven Journalists in Your Neighborhood

Editors at Journal News taking heat from coast to coast for interactive map listing gun permit holders’ names and addresses. First Amendment protects local publication’s war against second amendment BY DYLAN SKRILOFF In the wake of the Newtown massacre, the bright lights at Gannett’s The Journal News decided it was high time to criminalize ordinary, […]

An Unarmed Population is the Greater Danger

BY ANTHONY MELÉ I have withheld specific comment until the investigation of the rampage by the alleged perpetrator in Colorado, whose name I refuse to print,* yields more technical facts about this individual case. As more facts are released, I will contribute a trained perspective to help make some sense of it all for us. […]

Gun Lobby Rebuts Schneiderman and Gillibrand Claims

The Shooter’s Committee on Political Education (SCOPE) of New York says that the recent raids on gun shows by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and the subsequent legislation proposed by U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand are not entirely legitimate. SCOPE leader Stephen J. Aldstadt said, “Despite what the news reports are saying, none of those arrested where dealers, none of them […]