An Unarmed Population is the Greater Danger


I have withheld specific comment until the investigation of the rampage by the alleged perpetrator in Colorado, whose name I refuse to print,* yields more technical facts about this individual case.

As more facts are released, I will contribute a trained perspective to help make some sense of it all for us.

However, it did not take much time for the anti-gun lobby propaganda machine to kick into high gear to advance their Statist objective of eroding the 2nd Amendment to eventually disarm the public. So, I submit for your approval that a disarmed population is a greater threat to our safety than one armed miscreant.

Since the intellectual argument against “infringing” upon the people’s right to keep and bear arms continues to prevail by virtue of the inalienable rights, which fortify the Bill of Rights, the public will disdain for individual firearm ownership by promoting distrust of all who own them.

It is a public duty of every free American to preserve, protect and defend the safeguards in the Bill of Rights, keeping them entirely intact for the next generation.

From a counter-terrorism and security perspective, no laws devised could deter or prevent a determined miscreant of this category, from inflicting mass casualties by whatever instrument they could obtain by means, legal or foul.

The Penal System, laws or police do not stop deviants from committing crime. They arrest, prosecute and punish them for doing it. This in no way disparages our dedicated law enforcement community; it is simply the abnormal psychology of the sociopath criminal mind.

The back-logged courts, packed prisons and volumes of criminologist studies validate this reality.

Blaming firearms for gun crimes is like blaming spoons for obesity. I surmise that after the first ox-cart accident, reactionaries called for the banning of the wheel; after the first car accident, the horse and buggy lobby called for eliminating the automobile; and after the first plane crash, they wanted to hang the Wright Brothers.

If the harsh penalty for murder in the Garden of Eden could not deter fratricide, neither would stricter regulations calling for stone tool control have prevented it either.

Consider this: the anomaly of the programmable assassin bear distinct, identifiable patterns and measurable similarities that assign them to this unique category ever since behaviorist began this study in the 1970’s.

Some call it Ultra MK, which was a government mind control program that attempted to figure out how to in a sense, hypnotize a person, then program them with a cocktail of acoustics, chemicals, and sleep deprivation methods, to kill devoid of remorse or memory of the deed.

Some with this proclivity, it is theorized, can be triggered by way of self-induced over stimulation to all of the above, producing a departure from reality, compounded by compulsive obsessive occupation with fantasy killer games and other technologies.

Investigations have yet to eliminate their role in the cases of Columbine, Congressman Gifford, and now Colorado. Conversely, in each of those cases, a capable and armed citizen would have stopped them, saving many lives.

I am inspired by the words of the American Revolutionary, Mr. Patrick Henry and inclined to this day to the belief that the responsibility of individual self-defense against miscreant individuals or tyrannical government is best in the hands of a free people.

The American Revolutionaries would have said of us today, where were the armed citizens who would have stopped these murders in one instinctive act of self-preservation?

Why were they dis-armed by their government? And why does their government endeavor to render use-less the 2nd Amendment, if not to ensure its’ dominance over the will of future unarmed generations, facilitated by their inattentive fore-bears?

I agree, it is self-evident that surrendering liberty for safety results in the loss of both. I agree, that he who beats his swords into plowshares, will plow the fields for those who didn’t. I agree, outlawing firearms will result in only the government and the outlaw having them.

If the sun should rise on such a day in the United States of America, then count me and my house among the outlaws.

“Are we at last brought to such a humiliating and debasing degradation, that we cannot be trusted with arms for our own defense? Where is the difference between having our arms in our possession and under our own direction, and having them under the management of Congress? If our defense be the real object of having those arms, in whose hands can they be trusted with more propriety, or equal safety to us, as in our own hands?”
— Patrick Henry, 3 Elliot Debates 168-169.

Anthony Mele is a TEA Party activist and was the 2010 GOP candidate for Congressional District-17. He is a former intelligence staff NCO for high ranking national security officials at the Pentagon.

*note – Beginning with the Tuscon shooting in 2011, it also has been the Rockland County Times’ policy to not mention the name of mass shooters, as media attention appears to be part of the motive to such crimes

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