True Food Words: At Community Markets’ Farmers Markets, ‘Local’ Means “To Market and Back in a Day”

As more people want to know our food sources, mass marketers are learning to imitate the calls of courtship with words like “all-natural,” “sustainable,” and “artisanal.” How are shoppers to know what’s authentic? On Saturday, May 26, Community Markets will open their 21st season of managing farmers markets with the guarantee of one essential word: […]

Will the Tea Party Rescue the Republican Party Again?

BY ANTHONY MELE Any political analyst with a keen eye for observation and knowledge of history can plainly recognize it was the Tea Party phenomenon that rescued the Republican Party in the 2010 mid-term elections. The phenomenon described as “Tea Party” swept across America, as a great awakening of political enlightenment, which seeded the Republican […]

Timelines 5 –10

Strange but true: Young woman bites dog Analise Garner, 19, is being charged with animal cruelty, domestic battery and underage drinking, according to police. The Lake in the Hills, Illinois resident allegedly bit her family’s 80-pound English bulldog while drunkenly arguing and fighting with her mother. Concerned neighbors called the police when they heard the […]

Kevin and Michael Bacon and the Bacon Brothers Band Live at Lycian In Sugarloaf Saturday

Kevin and Michael Bacon and the Bacon Brothers Band Live at Lycian In Sugarloaf Saturday

BY GEORGE J. DACRE Kevin Bacon, the star of “Footloose” and numerous other Hollywood hits, will appear with his brother Michael and their band, the “Bacon Brothers Band,” in Sugarloaf this weekend. Michael although not a celebrity like his brother, had had success composing music for film and television. As the name implies, the band […]

Considering the Future of Rockland County Schools

BY MICHAEL CAHILL Pattern for Progress issues a report analyzing how solid Rockland’s educational infrastructure is for the coming decade Declining enrollment rates and a shrinking tax base will have a profound effect on Rockland County’s school districts over the next eight years, according to a report from the Hudson Valley non-profit Pattern for Progress. […]

Timeline — 4/5

State Health Commissioners ban sale of synthetic marijuana products New York State Health Commissioner Nirav Shah recently issued an order banning the sale of synthetic marijuana products in New York State. These substances contain the plan material coated with chemicals that mimic THC, which is the active ingredient in marijuana. They are being sold in […]