The New York Daily News was told by a source familiar with trade negotiations that Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks is on the verge of being traded to the Houston Rockets. This is supposedly a four team deal. This potential deal comes not long after Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers – one of […]

Dolan nabs trophy exec; will Phil Jackson win in new role?

Dolan nabs trophy exec; will Phil Jackson win in new role?

BY CHAYIM TAUBER After courting her for years, James Dolan finally got himself the prettiest girl in the room. Phil Jackson, “The Zen Master” and owner of 13 championship rings (11 as a coach and 2 as a player for the New York Knicks) has returned to his basketball roots in New York, this time […]

Knicks 2012-13 Obituary

BY CHAYIM TAUBER Fifty-plus wins and an Eastern Division crown mark an incredibly successful season for the New York Knicks franchise – a franchise trying to buck nearly a decade of futility. Still, the manner in which their season ended, the whimper with which this team conceded their championship dreams to the Indiana Pacers, leaves […]

The Knicks vs. The Hicks

BY CHAYIM TAUBER “The Knicks versus The Hicks” rivalry has made its foray into the 2000s and much like in the 90s, this series figures to be a long, gritty one predicated on good defense and timely three point shooting. The Knicks suffered an ugly loss in Game 1 in which they were simply beaten […]

Knicks are Making their Big Move

BY CHAYIM TAUBER The New York Knicks sent a message to the NBA, the Eastern Conference, and anybody with a vested interest in the NBA playoffs this season. In taking a 2-0 series lead over the Boston Celtics and defending their home court, the Knicks have taken firm control over their first round matchup and […]

Remember 1993-94?

BY CHAYIM TAUBER OJ captivated the country by leading the police on a high-speed chase, Baseball was about to go on strike, and the New York Knicks won the division title en route to an NBA Finals appearance. For the first time since, the New York Knicks have once again conquered their division in hopes […]

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