Bail reform is really bail deform

Bail reform is really bail deform

To the Editor, The dangerous elimination of bail and changes to laws affecting criminal justice are out of control. Day after day we are reading more articles and hearing about more lives being placed in danger because of these new laws. Sadly our Senator James Skoufis not only voted for these changes but as a […]

Local Officials Call for Statewide Moratorium on Criminal Justice Laws Set to Take Effect January 1, 2020 

Local Officials Call for Statewide Moratorium on Criminal Justice Laws Set to Take Effect January 1, 2020 

Photos by Scott Waters PRESS RELEASE Prosecutors, Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, Police Unions and Local Elected Officials joined together last Thursday to urge New York State Lawmakers to authorize a moratorium on the Criminal Justice Laws Set to Take Effect January 1, 2020 in order to carefully examine the full impacts of these laws. This was […]

Despite Laws, International Efforts, and Protester Suicides, Slavery Persists in African State of Mauritania

BY MICHAEL RICONDA Though human trafficking has received significant attention over the past few years, a different form of slavery has gone largely unnoticed in the African country of Mauritania. The country, which is located on Africa’s West Coast, has a long-standing and disturbingly prevalent tradition of slavery. Cultural practices in the nation sustain a […]

Felony Murder Laws Need Wiggle Room

BY DIANE DIMOND Any parent would agree young people can do impulsive and thoughtless things. But what if one of their stupidly spontaneous acts accidently turns deadly? Should society give that young person special consideration? Should it depend on the kid’s past good or bad character? Should the justice system treat them the same as […]

Village of Haverstraw Passes Law Rescinding Tobacco Advertising Ban, Discusses Zoning and Other Regular Business

BY SARA GILBERT The Village of Haverstraw met for its regular board meeting Monday, August 13 to pass laws, discuss rezoning issues, hear residents’ concerns and other business. The board passed Local Law No. 6, which rescinds Local Law No. 5, which had banned tobacco advertising of any sort in Haverstraw stores. Immediately after this […]

Hollywood, NY

New York and California in battle for more film business BY VINNY MURPHY A battle for supremacy has started, and we’re right in the middle of it. Though it sounds like the tag line to the next big Hollywood blockbuster and even involved Arnold Schwarzenegger at one point, this story is very real. Over the […]