Bail reform is really bail deform

To the Editor,

The dangerous elimination of bail and changes to laws affecting criminal justice are out of control. Day after day we are reading more articles and hearing about more lives being placed in danger because of these new laws. Sadly our Senator James Skoufis not only voted for these changes but as a member of the senate majority has personally boasted of how he negotiated and supports this bill. This stuff isn’t about Orange County or upstate, this is radical Bill De Blasio, AOC type stuff here. A bill of rights for criminals.

What is the most disgraceful is in a recent article Skoufis slammed other officials who he said “unthinkably voted against” S.1509. This just so happens to be the criminal justice bill. The only thing unthinkable here is how James Skoufis thinks he can pull a fast one like this one us while endangering our lives.


Kathy Smith

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