Ed Snowden Update

BY MATTHEW SHI JULY 16, 2013—In a statement released last Friday, Edward Snowden, NSA “whistleblower,” indicated intentions to apply for asylum in Russia, where he hopes to stay until he is able to fly to Latin America. Countries including Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and Ecuador plan to grant Snowden the right to stay if he can […]

Ed Snowden Lost US

Ed Snowden Lost US

ROCKLAND COUNTY TIMES EDITORIAL When Ed Snowden initially broke the news that the NSA is massively spying on the general public, it was welcome information. The public interest is served by knowing the government’s actions toward American citizens. However, recent reports seem to paint a different picture of the full scope of Snowden’s intentions, and […]

Why 2014 Could Be the Year of the Senior

By Douglas E. Schoen As we approach summer in Washington, policymakers and pundits alike remain distracted by a host of scandals. The alleged targeting of conservative political groups by IRS officials, while relegated to Congressional hearings and calls for additional investigations (for now), will be red meat for candidates running in next year’s midterm elections. […]