Ed Snowden Lost US


libertine3-d067When Ed Snowden initially broke the news that the NSA is massively spying on the general public, it was welcome information. The public interest is served by knowing the government’s actions toward American citizens.

However, recent reports seem to paint a different picture of the full scope of Snowden’s intentions, and it includes the spilling of secrets to journalists around the world of our government’s spying activity against other governments. This has caused a big storm of controversy in Europe in the past week.

What exactly is Mr. Snowden trying to prove? Governments spy on each other; it’s not unique to the United States. This kind of spilling of secrets falls more into the category of a tattle-tale than a whistle blower.

Snowden, do yourself and the USA a favor and drop your remaining suitcase of classified data in a Venezuelan volcano. You can retain some of your good name if you clam up now. If you keep embarrassing our nation, it won’t do any good and most likely will simply empower other global players to take advantage of the chaos ensued.

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