“Race Card” Not Enough to Protect Obama from Lies and Incompetence

BY DERRYCK GREEN To say the ObamaCare rollout has been difficult for President Obama is an understatement. It is the epitome of a disaster. Obama has been in damage-control mode since October 1. The release of his signature legislation, the misnamed Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), has been disastrous. Bureaucratic incompetence is on full display as […]

Obamacare’s Unnecessary “Navigators”

BY SALLY C. PIPES The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently gifted Obamacare’s “navigator” program an additional $13 million in funding. Navigators are supposed to help Americans purchase health coverage through the new, state-level insurance exchanges. This $13 million is on top of $54 million already allocated to the program. But both eight-figure […]

ObamaCare — What’s Already Gone Wrong

BY MICHAEL D. TANNER This article appeared in the New York Post on September 25, 2013. Like the Yankees sputtering through the last few games of a season filled with injuries and frustration, ObamaCare is limping its way toward its official launch next Tuesday, dragging with it an ever larger trail of disappointments. Supporters of […]

Expanding Medicaid: A Foolish Way to Improve Healthcare Access

BY SALLY C. PIPES United States Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius recently said “that if you want a healthier population, looking at the opportunity to expand Medicaid has got to be a piece of the puzzle.” Expansion of Medicaid — the jointly run federal-state health plan for low-income Americans — has long been […]

Star Power Can’t Obscure Obamacare’s Higher Premiums

BY SALLY C. PIPES Obamacare’s state-level health insurance exchanges are set to sign people up in October. But with the federal government on the hook to run 27 of them by itself — and another seven in partnership with states — it’s increasingly likely that they’ll open for enrollment after the official October 1 start […]

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