MTA’s Chickens Come Home to Roost

Bloated authority finally dealt a blow by the judicial system. Whether ruling stands on appeal or not, reforms must be sought ROCKLAND COUNTY TIMES EDITORIAL Congratulations to Nassau County and to all the residents and business owners of the New York metro region. Last week marked a victory for the taxpayers of the region, as […]

Legal Watch: Will Court Reform Ever Happen?

BY LEGAL LARRY For the past decade, high profile individuals have called for a reform of the entire court system in the State of New York. Everyone from the chief judge of the highest court to the governor has pitched a “new and improved” court system to streamline the process for litigants and save money. […]

Medicaid Redesign in Rockland

Medicaid Redesign in Rockland

BY MICHAEL CAHILL Last January Governor Cuomo issued an executive order, which created New York State’s Medicaid redesign team with the purpose of reducing the cost of Medicaid in New York, while also increasing the efficiency and quality of the program statewide. The fiscal year 2011 – 2012 saw the redesign team develop a package […]