ObamaCare Embraces Health Savings Accounts

BY DAN PERRIN Despite getting clobbered in the fiscal cliff negotiations, Republicans have something to celebrate this year — the survival of health savings accounts, or HSAs. They had feared that President Obama would obliterate this critical cost-saving tool. Sure, the president had promised that ObamaCare would not bar HSA-qualified plans from health insurance exchanges. […]

Carlucci Contemplates Power Move

Despite election results seemingly tilting NY Senate to liberal control, Carlucci’s coalition of “Democrats” may defect to align with GOP leadership BY DYLAN SKRILOFF Will he or won’t he? All eyes are on State Senator David Carlucci and his political boss Jeff Klein of the Independent Democrat Conference. Even though the Democrats have won the […]

Confusion in Charlotte

Confusion in Charlotte

Woops! While saluting our men and women in the armed forces at last week’s Democratic National Convention, the party of Jefferson accidentally (we presume) showed video footage of Russian warships on the Black Sea, instead of an American naval fleet. Rob Barker is the man who first spotted the error. “I was kind of in […]

Lettre’s Democrats

Registered Democrats have been doing Ed Lettre’s dirty work this season BY DYLAN SKRILOFF Town employees of Clarkstown and Ramapo who are registered Democrats have done a large share of the petition gathering for Conservative Party director Ed Lettre’s efforts to fill committee seats, the Rockland County Times has learned. Well-known Democrats Joel Epstein, code […]



Press Release from Lalor for Assembly On Tuesday Republican Assembly candidate Kieran Michael Lalor (105th District) declared his independence from the Dutchess County Republican party bosses and announced that he will forgo the May 10 nominating convention and focus on the Republican primary this summer and the general election in November. Said Lalor, “”The overwhelming […]


Statement from the Rockland County Young Republicans February 1st marked the beginning of Black History Month. Known as the “Father of Black History,” the national distinction was started in 1926 by black historian and author Dr. Carter G. Woodson, to commemorate the birthday of abolitionist and fellow black Republican Fredrick Douglass. The Rockland County Young […]