“House of Horrors” Story Spooks Town Board

Nervous officials attack Rockland County Times, even while confirming the most important points of the article BY DYLAN SKRILOFF It was a rare scene last Tuesday night in Clarkstown Town Hall, as resident after resident read excerpts of the Rockland County Times’ controversial front page article from August 9, “House of Horrors,”demanding explanations from the […]

House of Horrors

House of Horrors

“Five families” of Rockland politics hold secret meeting behind cemetery at the offices of the Working Families Party; unlikely personalities seek to save Ed Lettre’s leadership of the Conservative Party (EDITOR’S NOTE POSTED NOVEMBER 26, 2012— PLEASE SEE ADDENDUM AT END OF STORY) BY DYLAN SKRILOFF Desperate times call for half-baked measures! Influential kingmaker in […]

The Madness of Shirley Lasker

Following her “intuition,” Clarkstown Councilwoman demands Rockland County Times “source(s)” on “House of Horrors” story Dear Editor, Who was your unnamed source and what was his or her real motive for revealing his version of the truth? And why was I so prominently featured as to be placed on the front page when I wasn’t […]