The Madness of Shirley Lasker

Following her “intuition,” Clarkstown Councilwoman demands Rockland County Times “source(s)” on “House of Horrors” story

Dear Editor,

Who was your unnamed source and what was his or her real motive for revealing his version of the truth? And why was I so prominently featured as to be placed on the front page when I wasn’t even at the meeting? My intuition tells me that your unnamed source had me in mind as his target and you took the bait. Do you have another reliable source who has the courage to be quoted that can corroborate his story?

There is more I can say but suffice it to say the officials who did attend the meeting had a constitutional right to meet. What about the other side of the story? Who is behind the attempt to takeover the Conservative Party and why? Do you have to wait for some unnamed unreliable source to write that story or can you do some investigative research to find the truth?

Thanks again for using such a nice photo.


Editor’s note— Lasker has admitted to attended the meeting via speaker phone.

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