Business Leader DiTullo Supports United Water’s Desalination Plant

Business Leader DiTullo Supports United Water’s Desalination Plant

Filling the need for more water and new jobs BY MICHAEL DITULLO As the president of the Rockland Economic Development Corporation, I am compelled to respond to the recent news conference staged by a handful of activists who are against United Water’s Haverstraw Water Supply Project. Because of my commitment to help create jobs in […]

Italian American Scholarship Fund Supports Local Students

BY MAUREEN MOLLAHAN On Tuesday, May 29, The Italian American Scholarship Association celebrated their 34th Anniversary by awarding nine local high school students scholarships. This year, Committee Chairman John V. Parrella and Co-Chair John R. Lagana announced that the Association will also contribute $1,000 to the Children of Fallen Patriots, which will finance two students […]

Rockland Business Association Supports Most of Zebrowski Deficit Plan

Samuels: Rockland needs total overhaul of its fiscal management program RBA Press Release The Rockland Business Association (RBA) board of directors voted unanimously Tuesday to endorse Assemblyman Kenneth Zebrowski’s Deficit Reduction Plan, but without its proposed sales tax component. Zebrowski’s plan establishes a Rockland County Deficit Reduction Taskforce with significant oversight and enforcement powers over […]