Emerging Global Threats Demand Robust Missile Defense

BY JOHN THORNE The recent chemical weapons attack in Syria serves as a horrible reminder of the nature of modern warfare. The major threat to global security is now radical actors with access to weapons of mass destruction, like these chemical agents and the kind of nuclear missiles under development in North Korea and Iran. […]

Letter to the Editor: READER BLAMES “THEM”

To the Editor, These incidents in Syria are part of a civil war. Let them have their civil war. It has nothing to do with us. Terms like “moral obscenity” and “moral injustice” to describe these atrocities are inflated rhetoric at best. We had our civil war, we killed our own people. We kill millions, […]

Aaron Klein: The Man, The Myth, The Muckraker

Aaron Klein: The Man, The Myth, The Muckraker

Aaron Klein delivers the goods on Syria, Benghazi and his new book “Impeachable Offenses” in an exclusive interview with the Rockland County Times BY RAQUEL OKYAY Prominent Jerusalem-based investigative journalist Aaron Klein has given the Rockland County Times a run-down on Syria, Benghazi and his new book “Impeachable Offenses.” “The president has no choice but […]

Putin Ascendent: Russians Advise Obama, “Adopt Political Solution in Syria”

By Anthony Melé,  RCT Contributor Russian President Vladimir Putin is reported to have told President Obama by phone that a political settlement must be reached in Syria. In diplomatic language that means the current military policy that the Obama Administration continues to push is unachievable. Moscow News reports; Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US […]