Letter to the Editor: READER BLAMES “THEM”

To the Editor,

These incidents in Syria are part of a civil war. Let them have their civil war. It has nothing to do with us. Terms like “moral obscenity” and “moral injustice” to describe these atrocities are inflated rhetoric at best. We had our civil war, we killed our own people. We kill millions, we the people of the United States kill every day, and that is a moral obscenity.

Furthermore, we seem to support our enemies. The people, in Syria, that we want to support are part of the faction that killed many Americans in the World Trade Center on 9/11. Moreover, that’s nothing new, go back in history and you can find that we have done that in the past. For example, in Russia we supported the revolutionaries, the communists.

“The main purveyors of funds for the revolution, however, were neither the crackpot Russian revolutionary cause..” (Gary Allen, ‘None Dare Call it a Conspiracy’; Concord Press, Rossmoor, CA 1971). There was support from Woodrow Wilson and financial backing of JP Morgan & Co., Rockefeller, Jacob Shiff and Harriman in addition to others. Roosevelt also played the field, danced on both sides. Additionally, the US supported North Vietnam and were fighting them, and Nixon supporting our enemy Red China in his attempt at a one world order. Now we have the present situation, yes, “here we go again.”


Timothy J. Braun

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