Letter to the Editor: READER BLAMES “THEM”

To the Editor, These incidents in Syria are part of a civil war. Let them have their civil war. It has nothing to do with us. Terms like “moral obscenity” and “moral injustice” to describe these atrocities are inflated rhetoric at best. We had our civil war, we killed our own people. We kill millions, […]

Putin Ascendent: Russians Advise Obama, “Adopt Political Solution in Syria”

By Anthony Melé,  RCT Contributor Russian President Vladimir Putin is reported to have told President Obama by phone that a political settlement must be reached in Syria. In diplomatic language that means the current military policy that the Obama Administration continues to push is unachievable. Moscow News reports; Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US […]

Timelines 9/13

Tornados in New York Last weekend’s weather in New York felt like it was straight out of the Hollywood blockbuster “The Day After Tomorrow,” with severe thunderstorms, and several tornados touching down, including one in New York City. The climax was a storm system over New York City area that produces a tornado, which made […]

Confusion in Charlotte

Confusion in Charlotte

Woops! While saluting our men and women in the armed forces at last week’s Democratic National Convention, the party of Jefferson accidentally (we presume) showed video footage of Russian warships on the Black Sea, instead of an American naval fleet. Rob Barker is the man who first spotted the error. “I was kind of in […]

Miele’s Musings, July 5th: What’s The Parade About?

BY PUBLISHER EMERITUS ARMAND MIELE I always say that a parade is made up of believers. We have a lot of believers in the United States, and many occasions on which to celebrate our faith in each other, in our history, in our nation. The Columbus Day and St. Patrick’s Day parades are no longer […]

U.S. Passport Card Online Application Now Available

On January 24, the Department of State’s Office of Passport Services launched a 90-day pilot program allowing adult U.S. citizens living in the United States and Canada to apply for a passport card online. By applying online, customers will not be required to mail in their current passport book and necessary forms, saving them time […]