For Two Singers, a Chance Encounter Changes Their Lives

For Two Singers, a Chance Encounter Changes Their Lives

By Vincent Abbatecola In a time where Hollywood has been experiencing an overabundance of sequels and prequels, it can be a bit exasperating when looking for something original. However, when it comes to remakes, there’s something about them that makes the prospect interesting, and that’s the ability for a director to take a film and […]

On the Run While On the Road

Review of “Hit and Run” BY VINCENT ABBATECOLA In the opening of “Hit and Run,” the new road movie from Dax Shepard and David Palmer, we see a scene that we wouldn’t normally expect an action comedy to begin with: a sunlit, romantic bedroom setting with Charlie (Shepard) and his girlfriend, Annie (Kristen Bell). He’s […]

A Neighborhood That Doesn’t Have Much to Watch For

Movie review of “The Watch” BY VINCENT ABBATECOLA A comedy starring four talented funnymen protecting their town by hunting aliens like suburban Men in Black sounds like it could be an interesting clash between an intergalactic army and a small middle-class American group of friends. But, if any aliens where going to probe this film […]

Vanderhoef Addresses Business Leaders at RBA Luncheon

BY VINCENT ABBATECOLA The monthly luncheon for the Rockland Business Association was held last Thursday, July 19 at the Rockland Country Club in Sparkill, N.Y. Guest speaker Rockland County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef touched upon areas of concern, such as the possible closing of the Summit Park nursing home, and the constructions of the new […]

Summit Park, East Ramapo Schools Are Big Topics, Among Others, at Legislature Meeting

BY VINCENT ABBATECOLA   The Rockland County Legislature met on Tuesday, July 10 at the Allison-Parrish building in New City, where they discussed issues regarding Rockland Community College’s budget, final plans for Summit Park Nursing Home, and special education for East Ramapo students. First, the legislature discussed Rockland Community College’s budget for 2012-2013. During the […]

“Ted” — A Toy Story for Adults Only

BY VINCENT ABBATECOLA In Seth MacFarlane’s directorial film debut, “Ted,” the creator of the popular TV cartoon series “Family Guy” brings to the screen the childhood dream of having one’s favorite toy come to life, albeit in a considerably more mature light. With a teddy bear that relishes in inappropriate behavior, the film is a […]