Dear Editor, Clarkstown residents are about to face a new deception from our elected and appointed officials at the next town board meeting on Oct. 2, by way of their new master plan to change the character of our town. Most everyone who lives here, moved or remains in this community, because this area was […]

Village of Haverstraw Passes Law Rescinding Tobacco Advertising Ban, Discusses Zoning and Other Regular Business

BY SARA GILBERT The Village of Haverstraw met for its regular board meeting Monday, August 13 to pass laws, discuss rezoning issues, hear residents’ concerns and other business. The board passed Local Law No. 6, which rescinds Local Law No. 5, which had banned tobacco advertising of any sort in Haverstraw stores. Immediately after this […]

Legal Watch

Federal Law is Changing Rockland’s Zoning Landscape BY LEGAL LARRY In 2000, Congress enacted a law known as the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act. This law is commonly known by the acronym “RLUIPA.” The crux of this article will focus on the first part of the law concerning religious land use. It is […]

Reconnecting Rockland: “Modernist Zoning Controls Our Towns”

Reconnecting Rockland: “Modernist Zoning Controls Our Towns”

BY JARED RODRIGUEZ A forward thinking (and backward looking) monthly column on zoning, planning, and development by Jared Rodriguez, a Stony Point native schooled in civil engineering, architecture, and real estate development. Americans determine what products are sold and what buildings are built by choosing where to live and what to buy, in an open […]