As the Rockland County Times warned readers a month ago, Noel’s restaurant in Stony Point is gaining an increasingly bad reputation among law enforcement and their business is in jeopardy. We reported this following a stabbing that occurred outside a Noel’s Halloween party. Around the same time the restaurant was fined $7K for serving an underage patron alcohol.
Earlier in the year a major drug raid found sales of cocaine being made at Noel’s. Unbeknownst to us at the time was that two men arrested for selling drugs at Noel’s in a 2011 drug sting were restaurant employees. Now it’s been revealed that the State Liquor Authority conducted an investigation and found that Noel’s ownership knew of their illicit activities and did not act to alert police.
Following this development, the most recent blow for the druggie hangout, is that their liquor license has been revoked.
Noel’s is fighting the charges, having hired counsel Donald Feerick, whose law partner is Dennis Lynch, Stony Point’s special counsel. Should the liquor revocation stand you can expect to see Noel’s go the way of Fiesta Cancun, the great Mexican restaurant across the street that Stony Point cops and the Liquor Authority also put out.
The revocation has been temporarily stayed pending a Dec. 16 hearing.
Down the road a few miles, notorious drug den Ye Olde Mill Inn in Haverstraw has also had their license revoked following over a dozen violations including being a regular sight of cocaine sales.

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