Calls Growing for Attorney General Eric Holder to be Impeached and Tried for Perjury, Other Crimes

Over 60 Reps, two U.S. Senators and every Republican presidential candidate wants Holder’s resignation; Congressman Ron Paul among those who also wants Holder tried in court


In 2009 and 2010 ATF agents, operating under the authority of the U.S. Department of Justice, funneled weaponry through straw buyers to Mexican drug cartels, with the stated objective being to trace the guns to the headquarters of the terrorist cartels in Central Mexico and find out more about their operation.

This controversial maneuver was dubbed “Operation Fast and Furious.”

It’s now the source of growing scandal.

Over 80 lawmakers have cast a vote of no confidence in Attorney General Eric Holder due to his involvement in the operation, while over 60 have called on him to resign. All the GOP presidential hopefuls have now called on him to resign, and some reps and public figures like Ron Paul, are even saying Holder should be put on trial. So far the political fallout has been contained, but it’s threatening to crack open into something bigger.

It’s not just the questionable strategy that’s causing controversy, it’s what’s happened with those guns and how Holder and other officials conducted themselves. For one, the same guns the U.S. funneled to Mexican drug cartels ended up killing two U.S. border agents. Once this news got out it did not sit well with the public and elected officials began to ask questions.

In the process of answering the questions, Attorney General Eric Holder was asked by Congress if he was aware of “Fast and Furious” and he replied that he had only learned of it in the last few weeks. Memos recently emerged, however, showing that he had been monitoring the operation and was aware of it for many months before that. He has since said that he didn’t understand the question that was asked and confused one operation with another he was conducting.

After being caught in a lie, or at best a misstatement, Holder suggested to the media that the growing scrutiny he faces is partially due to the fact that he and Obama are African-Americans.

And beyond the apparent lying, other memos and emails have shown that ATF agents intended to track the violent activity that resulted from their own black-op and use the subsequent fallout as grounds for enhancing gun control measures.

At first glance it appeares our government has been caught red-handed cooking the law books; creating violence and then creating imaginary solutions that enhance their own powers.

Presidential candidate and 12-term Congressman Ron Paul said in a recent radio interview, “[Eric Holder] should be immediately fired and then there should be an investigation to find out if charges should be made…All these kinds of sting operations and false flag operations — this is criminal and I think they do it constantly.”

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