Rockland County Clerk Paul Piperato was sworn in on February 6 as the President of the New York State Association of County Clerks (NYSACC) in Albany, NY.

Judge William Nelson administers the Oath of Office to County Clerk Paul Piperato, as Piperato’s wife, Flora Piperato, looks on (Albany, NY).

For hundreds of years, 62 county clerks from across New York State have served as clerks to supreme and county courts. They also fill the role of recording/records management officers as well as representatives of many government agencies on all levels: federal, state, county, town and village.

At the Albany ceremony, Piperato told the crowd of county clerks “while we accomplish our duties with expertise, we also affect lives in profound ways. We are there when our constituents need to get passports for that trip of a lifetime, are eagerly starting their own business with hopes of becoming the next Steve Jobs, buying their first house, paying off their mortgage after 30 years or proudly reciting the oath of allegiance to become a part of the American dream. We are the ones people turn to in distress when it seems they have no place else to go, or alternatively, in delight as they transact business which concerns positive life-changing events. We are truly the ambassadors in our constituent’s lives.”

Piperato looked toward the future with anticipation and optimism. “We are now clearly at an important turning point in how we conduct business. Technology will drive our future and we must be ahead of the curve. So together let us share ideas and look at ways to continue to excel given the current economic conditions,” said Piperato.

With that in mind, Piperato set out five initiatives for the coming year:

· Expand electronic filing (Court Records)

· Initiate electronic recording (Land Records)

· Conduct new business seminars

· Increase organ donor network efforts

· Develop FAVOR veteran discount program in every county

Piperato called on the county clerk’s across the state to join him in tackling his initiatives. “I am very confident,” said Piperato, “that we will accomplish our goals, meet needs and exceed expectations.”

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