Rockland Tea Party Patriots Raise Questions on United Nations Global Agenda 21



Those who oppose United Nations Agenda 21 are angry that this map created by UN analysts will influence future development in the United States

Lynn Teger, a former candidate for Haverstraw Town Council, has a new goal— spreading awareness of a little known U.N. program that affects how economies will be developed in the future.


On February 15 at the Tea Party Patriots meeting at the New City Library, Teger was guest speaker, informing 35 or so people in attendance about a U.N. program called Agenda 21.


This is a major “sustainable development program” which has the support of our government, federal, state and many localities, and is crossing the globe since President George Bush the first was in office. It is being questioned in some of the more developed countries across the globe for the first time even though it’s almost 20 years old.


At first glance, Agenda 21 is about preventing climate change and saving the world’s resources. However, now many activists across the world now claim it will change our lives for the worse and will ultimately threaten to eliminate our private land ownership rights.


Teger and several of the local Tea Party members said they believe the goal of the UN Agenda 21 is to control the world’s land, and therefore all of a nation’s water rights, food production and minerals. The climate change platform across the world is being used by the powers in the UN as an economic smoke screen, Teger and the Tea Party members said.


The theory is that through Agenda 21, the global stage is set to transfer private land ownership slowly with the enforcement of new environmental zoning using the idea of promoting a green economy.


Teger, a longtime successful commercial realtor in the Haverstraw area, said what she saw during the collapse of the housing and commercial realty market, fits in with the idea that powers in world governments and on Wall St. wanted the market to collapse so they could begin to transfer ownership of land to government and to public-private partnerships.


That is how she became intrigued by the Agenda 21 concept; it fit in with her actual life experience and it could tangibly be researched.


Teger said there are at least 177 world governments committed to Agenda 21 along with many local governments across the country. In 2007, our own Towns of Clarkstown and Orangetown set up a Committee for Sustainable Development, or “Cities for Climate Protection.”


All programs are to be under the umbrella of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives or ICEI.


Apparently the eventual Agenda 21 plan is to move the populations into very dense housing projects, apartment type developments with walkways, parks, schools and all the shopping needed nearby.


The planners do not want people to need the mobility of the automobile. Teger’s concern is that this is a top-down plan for the country that has not been vetted by the public. In fact, Agenda 21 never even gained two-thirds of the vote of the Senate as is required of a treaty, but instead has been enacted through executive orders from the U.S. President’s Office.


Teger fears, if fully enacted, Americans will have lost their land rights and wealth through these regulations. The world economy will be more alike and one, but who benefits? The world government, bankers and Wall St. forces, Teger said, as they will have gained control by depriving the people of hope for property.


Of course, it is in our Constitution that “pursuit of happiness,” which in the 18th century literally translated to “private property,” is one of our God-given rights. Teger said the Tea Party is a movement that has set out to preserve America’s freedoms as originally conceived by the founders of the country and she and local patriots in Rockland see a threat to those liberties posed by Agenda 21.

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