Lowdown on March 21 Village of West Haverstraw Board Meeting


The first order of business at West Haverstraw Village Hall on Wednesday, March 21 was the impending repair to Peck’s Pond. The pond, where most residents go to enjoy a walk, run, or bring their children to play, needs epairs for the upcoming warmer weather months. In 2011 the estimated funding for the project was around $50,000. The project now has three phases broken up into specs. The motion was approved.

A motion for a fire department purchase orders request over $3,000 was brought up next. The purchase orders included all necessities for the fire department, so the motion was approved. A proposal for a fixed asset inventory update was the board’s next order of business. The evaluation advisory group set out to update assets inventory. The update was essentially the same as the previous year.

A major order of business was a bid from the village fire department. John Tesik got up to speak on behalf of the department about the concerns of the fire department. The department had a list of concerns that were put together when the fire department committee met in the week prior.

They came up with a bid that amounted to $196,000. Issues having to do with the fire department’s need for a utility truck were brought up, a truck which would aid in emergency situations. Tesik described how by switching the body of this truck from stainless steel to aluminum changes the warranty of the truck from 30 years to 10 years. Tesik went on to discuss other cuts that would be applied to the truck including decrease in truck bed size, paint warranty, and compartment size. The department was hoping not to go over $180,000.

A large discussion between the board and representatives from the fire department commenced about why there was a need for a 30 year warranty on what was called “essentially a pick-up truck.” According to the representatives, making the warranty 30 years lessens the need to replace parts, especially if the truck has an aluminum bed which reacts to other metals.

Emergency repair on a ladder was brought up as well. Tesik said that the department would have to call to Suffern to help with the issue.

Regarding a local community development project, board members were pleasantly surprised to announce that the village was granted $90,000, which is about the same that the village received last year. The surprise came in the fact that the board wasn’t expecting that much because of current economical issues. This news was an exciting end to the board meeting.

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