Penguin Repertory, Stony Point Sets 2012 Season of Four Plays


Penguin Theatre's Andrew Horn and Joe Brancato

The Penguin Repertory Theater is beginning its 35th season on May 18 with the classic “The Hound Of The Baskerville”. Artistic Director Joe Brancato and Executive Director Andrew Horn run “The gutsiest little theatre off Broadway with a lawn”.

“The Hound Of The Baskervilles” by John Nicholson and Steve Caney is a Sherlock Holmes story about a dog on the moors. Penguin calls it “part Alfred Hitchcock and part Marx brothers and labels it a comedy.

Then running June 29 to July 22 will be “The Last Days Of Mickey and Jean” written by the Westchester County playwright, Richard Dresser. It is about a Boston mobster who is on the lam with a girlfriend in Paris. Dresser also wrote “Rounding Third”, a baseball play that was a big hit at Penguin last season.

Tom Dudzick is back at Penguin again. The Nyack resident’s “Don’t Talk To The Actors” comes in August 3 to August 26. Dudzicks “Greetings”, “Over The Tavern”, and “Our Lady Of South Division Street” were all well received at Penguin. From October 5 to October 28 “The How and The Why” authored by Sarah Treem is on. The play is about a young biologist who has an encounter with a leader in her field. It is a deep thinker type story and recommended for mature audiences.

For information and tickets call 845-786-2873.


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