Annual Easter Egg Hunts Are a Joy for Kids


Maeve and Molly fill their baskets with colorful prize-filled eggs at their annual Easter Egg hunt. Photo by Carolyn Johnson


Children enjoyed hunting for Easter eggs across the country, and across Rockland County last week.

Pearl River restaurant and Irish pub, Emmett’s Castle at Blue Hill, located on the picturesque Blue Hill Golf Course in Pearl River, offered brunch and an Easter egg hunt with the Easter bunny.

Mayor Dagan LaCorte and the Village Board of Suffern for an Easter egg hunt and Breakfast. Children brought Easter baskets for the Easter egg hunt at the Avon Park, Virginia Menschner Gazebo, then had pictures taken and breakfast with the bunny at the Suffern Community Center. At the Christian Community Church in Spring Valley, children looked for real hand-colored hard-boiled eggs. Others had eggs that opened up to reveal candies and other treasures.

Children of all ages enjoyed another annual Easter egg hunt at Central Avenue Field in Pearl River. The annual Easter egg hunt is one of those magical child-centered community events that remind us of the simple pleasures that transcend time and technology.

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