Meals on Wheels Coming to RHO Building Cafeteria


Lowdown on April 24 Stony Point Town Board meeting

The Stony Point Town Board met Tuesday evening for its regular meeting where it approved creating a license with Rockland County Meals on Wheels to begin serving meals to seniors in the cafeteria of the RHO Building.

Stony Point Town Supervisor Geoff Finn said he was moved to action after hearing from senior citizens who would no longer be able participate in the Meals on Wheels program, which was planning a move to Nyack. During his supervisor’s report, Finn added an item to the agenda for the board to vote on entering into a license agreement with the Meals on Wheels program.

Finn said the goal was to have them begin using the new facility as soon as next week. After a brief clarification by Finn that it would only be a license agreement, which could be terminated with 30 days notice, and not a lease, which could be for a year or longer, the board, passed the motion unanimously.

During the public input section of the meeting President of the Stony Point Historical Society, Susan Filgueras talked about the need for the board to take action regarding the proposed Champlain Hudson Power Express project.

The project will create an energy corridor between the great lakes region in Canada and New York City. According to the project website, up to 1,000 megawatts of power will be created from wind and hydro power plants for New York City all coming from Canada. That power will be transmitted via underground and underwater cables buried along the Hudson River.

Filgueras urged to board to investigate exactly what sort of impact this project will have on Stony Point, and whether or not the town can collect taxes from the power line. Notably, the nature of the electricity delivery would preclude New York power plants from providing energy into the lines.

Also during the public input local resident Nancy Martin asked the board to explain the situation with brown bag pick up in the town. These brown bags typically contain yard trash, such as grass clippings or tree limbs. The board clarified that the bags are picked up on Fridays, but only if residents call ahead to the sanitation department and request their pickup.

Moving on to the agenda items, the board passed a motion setting camps fees for this summer. The structure will be the same as last year. $250 for the first child of a family, $150 for the second, $100, for a third, $50 for a fourth, and an additional $50 for any other children from the same family.

The board approved the purchase of three new sewage pumps to replace the current ones on Beach Road. The pumps will cost $10,650 each, but will save the town from having to send it’s excess sewage to Haverstraw for processing, which will ultimately save the town money.

Finally, the board approved the hiring of several seasonal workers for the golf course, as well as approved a landscape proposal for the Patriot Hills Club House from Landscape Md. Inc. The board will meet again May 8, at the RHO building for their regularly scheduled meeting.

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