For Hungry Hollow Co-op in Chestnut Ridge, Every Day is Earth Day


Earth Day celebrated at Hungry Hollow Co-op. Photo By Kathy Piedl

Kathy Piedl, buyer at Hungry Hollow Co-op, a community-owned natural foods market in Chestnut Ridge, was delighted that Mother Nature cooperated with their Earth Day Celebration last week. “We had a beautiful day weather-wise–couldn’t have asked for better.” When asked about event highlights, Kathy smiled, “The children’s worm-habitat-building activity was a big hit, but I think Barbara Taylor-Laino’s chickens stole the show.”

One local family grew and distributed Praying Mantis cocoons to hatch and enrich people’s gardens, and to offset the extinction of these elegant critters. Kevin Consagra from Chestnut Ridge Middle School did an activity with children to build environmental awareness. (Barbara is the owner of Midsummer Farm in Warwick NY) Ed Bieber, author of “What Color is the Wind: Exploring Nature with Young Children” did just that – with worms – at the nearby Pfeiffer Garden Center, while his wife Jill served guests with fresh organic salad, hot dogs, and burgers, (veggie and beef) grilled to perfection by co-op members Ron Nathanson and Hank Stewart. Talented co-op members provided amazing live music as well.

Earth Day celebrated at Hungry Hollow Co-op. Photo By Kathy Piedl

The Hungry Hollow Co-op celebrates Earth Day in a big way each April, but for this group, deeply committed to cultivating sustainable practices at home and in the world, every day is earth day. The owner/members and the staff of the Hungry Hollow Co-op, are dedicated to providing the healthiest foods available, in an atmosphere of warmth and friendliness. They encourage the production and use of biodynamic and organic foods and products that promote health in individuals and the local and worldwide environment.

Hungry Hollow Co-op, 841 Chestnut Ridge Road, Chestnut Ridge, NY (845) 356-3319

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