Catholic Church in Mass. Raises Ire of Extremists

When St. Francis Xavier parish in Acushnet, Massachusetts put this sign on their front property following the announcement of President Obama’s officially completed “evolution” on gay marriage, they may not have been ready to deal with the fallout.

In addition to being the subject of television broadcasts and newspaper articles portraying the church as being responsible for bullying and hatred, activists also put signs on the church property stating blasphemous things. Some atheists among the gay movement posted blasphemies such as “Holy Mother Virgin W**re” and another which said “Jesus freaks pray for death.”

Steven Guillotte, director of Pastoral Services at the parish, said the church had a clear purpose in posting the phrase.

“There were a lot of Catholics out there misrepresenting, or even maligning, the Church’s position on gay marriage…so I came in on this past Tuesday morning and just decided to put up a sign expressing the Church’s teaching in a very concise way … saying that the proper relationship between two men – or for that matter, two women – is friendship, and not marriage,” Guillotte said.

Across American, the issue of gay marriage has pitted secular cultural attitudes against religious leaders in a way not often seen in the nation’s history.

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